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Glam & Glits

Glam & Glits Fantasy Acrylic (Glitter) Butterfly 1 oz - FAC538

Glam & Glits Fantasy Acrylic (Glitter) Butterfly 1 oz - FAC538

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Once there was a ‘Butterfly’, with wings made of porcelain white stardust and soft pink moon crystals she flew far and wide until finding the perfect resting place on the tips of your fingers. 

Product Type: GLITTER

Fantasy Acrylic Collection is bursting with intense shimmering random-cut glitters in assorted colors for a shattered, glass-like effect. 47 chances to live your most desired and unimaginable fantasies at the tip of your fingers! Let ‘Dove’ take you there as the delicate white whispers over your fingertips, sending you flying. Spend a ‘Night in Paris’ under shimmering amber lights then snap your fingers and take yourself to ‘Carnival’ and dance the night away!

Size: 1 oz

Made in the USA

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