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Glam & Glits

Glam & Glits - Mood Acrylic Powder - Backlash- ME1012

Glam & Glits - Mood Acrylic Powder - Backlash- ME1012

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Glam and Glits Mood Acrylic Powder


Product Type: Shimmer


Glam and Glits Mood Effect Acrylic Collection is here! The first mood changing acrylic powder in 48 exclusive shades that change color based on your mood and surroundings. Impress all of your clients and friends with this special effects collection. Earth! Wind! Fire! Water! The elements of the universe come into play; watch as colors transform right in front of your eyes based on your body temperature, mood, the heat of your coffee cup or even while you're toasting with a bubbly glass of champagne! You'll always be in the mood with these shades at your fingertips.


Size:  1oz


Made in the USA

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