How to Remove Glitter, Gel and Acrylic from Nails ?

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At Premier Nail Supply, we offer a range of products specifically designed for nail removal, including acetone, cotton balls, foil wraps, and more. We are committed to providing high-quality products to help you achieve the best results in nail care and maintenance.

Trim your nails

Trim your nails with precision and style using the wide selection of nail trimmers and clippers available at Premier Nail Supply. Our collection includes high-quality tools that are designed to provide clean and precise cuts, ensuring a professional-looking manicure or pedicure every time. Whether you prefer a classic straight-edge design or a curved blade for added control, our nail trimmers are crafted from durable materials for long-lasting use.

Buff the shiny surface

Use a buffer block to gently buff the top shiny layer of the gel or acrylic. This will help the acetone penetrate more effectively.

Place the soaked cotton balls on your nails

Wrap each finger with a small piece of aluminum foil to hold the cotton balls in place. Repeat this process for all your fingers.

Protect your skin

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or cuticle oil around your nails to protect your skin from the drying effects of acetone. Protect your skin from the harsh chemicals and potential irritants found in nail products with the help of Premier Nail Supply. Our range of skin protection products is specifically designed to create a barrier between your skin and the nail enhancements or chemicals used during nail treatments. From liquid latex barriers to skin creams and lotions, we offer effective solutions to shield your skin and prevent any unwanted reactions or discomfort. Prioritize the health and well-being of your skin by choosing Premier Nail Supply for reliable skin protection products that promote safe and enjoyable nail care experiences.

Soak cotton balls in acetone

Efficiently remove nail polish and soak-off gel products with ease using acetone-soaked cotton balls from Premier Nail Supply. Our high-quality acetone is formulated to effectively break down and dissolve even the toughest nail coatings, making polish removal a breeze. Simply saturate cotton balls with our acetone solution, place them on your nails, and let the acetone do its work. The soaked cotton balls ensure maximum coverage and contact with the nails for efficient and convenient polish removal. Trust Premier Nail Supply for reliable and effective acetone-soaked cotton balls to simplify your nail care routine.

Secure with aluminum foil

Place the acetone-soaked cotton balls on top of each nail. Make sure the entire nail surface is covered.

Hydrate your nails

Apply cuticle oil to your nails and massage it in. This will help restore moisture and nourish your nails.