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Apres - Extend Gel Bottle (Gold) in Bottles Edition - #APEX-B15

Apres - Extend Gel Bottle (Gold) in Bottles Edition - #APEX-B15

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Aprés’ signature Extend Gel is new and improved. The renowned formula is now available in a gold bottle for a hassle-free application. This product is easily the most important tool to own. The Extend Gel secures the Gel-X tips to the natural nail quickly. This unparalleled seal ensures that the tip won’t lift, crack, or pop off the natural nail for as long as four weeks. 

The Extend Gel is formulated with soft-gel which means it is simple to remove by using acetone. The soft-gel ingredients are less damaging to the natural nail bed and overall health of the nail. Feel great about your manicure by skipping the acrylic enhancements.

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