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Milken ND770 F UBS PowerBank Portable Nail Drill 25000 RMP

Milken ND770 F UBS PowerBank Portable Nail Drill 25000 RMP

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Berkeley Milken 770 F UBS Power Nail Tool 25000 RMP

Milken 770 USB Power Nail Tool  (Universal Voltage 110V to 240V)
Compact Wearable Cordless Nail Tool for Spa Pedicure & Manicure Use

This ND770 has alll essential features of a good drill.  It is ideal for all manicure and acrylic tasks, including general nail filing and tip cutting.  With all control features such as on/off, forward/reverse, and speed adjustment are moved into the control module on the drill cord, the ND770 can utilize the USB connector to draw power from any popular phone powderbank.  This unique design helps nail technicians to have many choice of power source, since the powerbank is very popular and available everywhere.

Technical Specification:
•  USB connector drawing power from any power bank.   
•  4000 mAh power bank for many days use without recharge   
•  Light weight handpiece (only 5.25”L x 0.9”Dia, 4oz weight). 
 •  Up to 25,000 RPM for all manicure and pedicure jobs.   
•  Forward/Reverse mode.  Dial speed control.  All in the cord for easy access and control.   
•  Fast bit changing with twist-lock chuck.   
•  Portable design for carrying around the shop.   •  Very low voltage for extremely safe to be used in spa pedicure. 
 •  Six months warranty for all electronic malfunctions and defects.
Each set contains:  (1) Handpiece, (1) 4000 mAh Power Bank, (1) Charger ,
(1) Micro-USB charging cable, (1) Cradle, (1) User Manual.
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