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CND Enhancements Retention + Sculpting Powder Clear

CND Enhancements Retention + Sculpting Powder Clear

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Clear sculpting powder, use with CND Retention + acrylic liquid or Radical Solarnail.

Rentention+ is an acrylic sculpting powder with a creamy, dense workability. Its formula eliminates microscopic air bubbles creating superior brightness. It activates the cross-linking and polymerization of RETENTION+™ Sculpting Liquids. Your acrylic nails will be strong, durable and scratch resistant.

How to use Perfect Color Powder CND

  • Prepare your nail to nail enhancement
  • Apply a nail primer if needed
  • Sculpt the nail in 3 zones with a mix ratio of 1.5 parts liquid to 1 part powder
  • Shape and refine using nail files
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