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Glam & Glits

Glam & Glits Color Acrylic (Cream) Charo 1 oz - CAC315

Glam & Glits Color Acrylic (Cream) Charo 1 oz - CAC315

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Donut floaties and orange creamsicles take over Charo’s weekend. Join her for a sweet treat with this vibrant and playful shade, the perfect complement to her punchy personality.

Product Type: CREAM

Step into a world of color and personality where you’ll be tempted to amass your own sensational color library. Pick a bestie and grow your color palette with these incredibly pigmented color acrylics. Have a girls night in and wine down with ‘Ruby’ or follow ‘Kimberly’ to the dance party in the flower fields. 

Size: 1 oz

Made in the USA

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