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Perfect Match Glitter Powder - Sonic Bloom 42 gram - #SDP04

Perfect Match Glitter Powder - Sonic Bloom 42 gram - #SDP04

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A bold impact magenta with echos of holo pink and gold.

Sky Dust Collection – Glitter 3in1 Powder

  • Developed with award-winning nail artists and inspired by natural displays of light and energy.
  • Formulated with a high volume of multi-colored holographic glitter.
  • Use to add a pop of glitter to your nail art designs.
  • Easy and complete coverage over the nail for high-intensity bling.

*Please note that the colors on the website were designed to come as close to the true color of the polish as possible. Because of monitor settings, we can’t guarantee an exact color match. These colors are made to be a representation of the true color.

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