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Shamrock - Latex Examination Powder Free 100 Gloves

Shamrock - Latex Examination Powder Free 100 Gloves

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Premium Shamrock Latex Gloves provide a highly effective barrier against unseen bacteria and viruses and can help prevent cross contamination when used correctly. Shamrock Latex gloves are powder-free and made from natural latex. Strong and durable, yet thin enough to allow you to maintain touch sensitivity and work effortlessly and comfortably.

Features of Shamrock Latex Examination Powder Free Gloves:

  • Premium disposable latex gloves
  • Helps protect hands from coming into contact with viruses, bacteria, and other germs
  • Reduces chances of cross contamination in your salon
  • Made from natural latex
  • Offers durability, high-performance wear, and a flexible, comfortable fit
  • Powder free
  • Non-sterile
  • Ambidextrous
  • Textured for secure grip
  • Single-use
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