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Sofiglaze LED 48W Power Lamp

Sofiglaze LED 48W Power Lamp

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Sofiglaze LED 48W Powder Lamp 

Auto Sensor:

Lamp automatically is on once hands in and off once hand out.

Long- Lasting LED Lights Beads:

27 durable LED light beads with life span of 50,000 hours nonstop.

New LED Light Protects Your Eyes & Fingers:

Red light therapy is considered safe and hurtless. It offers you a comfortable mani/pedi experience and also protects your skin, nails and eyes.

Suitable For All Gel Polishes:

The nail lamp works with ALL kinds of UV/LED gel nail polish, including UV/LED Gels, Hard Gels, Builder Gels, Sculpture Gels... 


Model: A5

Powder: DC 24V 48W

Size: 200x18x80 MM


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